Kwork - earning on the freelance services exchange

Kwork - earning on the freelance services exchange

So where can I implement my knowledge in the field of freelancing? This is the question that everyone who is thinking about earning money on the Internet asks themselves.

There are a huge number of freelance exchanges. They are created not only to gather the best specialists into a single company, but also to make money on the turnover of orders. On the Russian market, there is such an exchange as Kwork, which we decided to tell you more about. So, in addition to the fact that it has gathered some of the best freelancers in its ranks, it also earns money from them. The minimum price for ordering services on the Kwork exchange is 500 rubles. upon completion of work as a freelancer and confirmation by the customer, the customer's account falls not 500 rubles., but 400 rubles., total 100 rubles. kwork reserves. Today, an order is placed every minute in Kwork. A small calculation and it becomes clear that the earnings of Kwork per hour is at least 6 000 rubles. taking into account the fact that on the territory of Russia and the CIS countries it is night, and on the other side of the earth it is day. Kwork decided to launch services on the site designed for the overseas part of the world. As a result, we get a kind of conveyor with a minimum daily profit of 144,000 rubles, and a month of 4 320,000 rubles, again, I emphasize-this is the minimum.Так что же такое Kwork – это усовершенствованная биржа интернет-фрилансеров, преимущество, которой является цена. Как я ранее сказал, вы можете на этом сайте получить услугу разработки логотипа всего лишь за 500 руб., когда реальная цена этой услуги от 3000 руб. Допустим, готовый полноценный интернет магазин можете приобрести за 15 000 руб., а реальная цена ему от 40 000 руб. В общем, что тут говорить вот вам ссылка, переходите и оцените сами.

And now a tip for those who want to make money on it . In this Kwork project, you can earn money in two ways, namely: become a freelancer or an outbidder.

Freelancer on Kwork – provide your services for the lowest price. To get started, you will need to register on the Kwork exchange. Recruit a client base , and then lead the client outside of Kwork. Then work with the client via Skype or other messenger. In this way, you can avoid commissions when paying with you by the customer and save it in 100% volume. For those who work with Kwork and lead their clients on Its platform, there are a number of advantages:

  • You will not be deceived by the customer without paying for the service. The money is kept in the " hands " of Kwork until the transaction is fully completed.
  • The wicked customers, or freelancers fall within the BAN.
  • If you are a customer and you do not like the work done, then you can not pay for it or send the order for revision.
  • There is a 100% refund.

After you have registered, you need to place your services. It will be difficult for beginners from the start , since you will have a zero rating, and the customer chooses the performer based on it.

How do I quickly raise my rating on Kwork?

Register a second account using your own referral link, it will be your buyer. You start ordering the service yourself, and after completing the work, you leave yourself a positive rating and review, and so on 40 times. The result will not make you wait long, orders will be stable.

How do I choose a freelance profession?

In the previous topic, we helped you choose a job. The simplest is "writing articles". Three articles a day and your net profit per day 1,200 rubles is guaranteed. Total, stable monthly salary of 28,800 rubles.

Outbid - a person engaged in resale of freelance services . How can this be used on the freelancer exchange? Very easy! Find customers in your city and sell them the same service " logo creation" for the real price of 3,000 rubles, and spend only 500 rubles on it, as a result , the net profit is 2,500 rubles. do you Want a more detailed scheme for implementing this type of earnings? Follow this link!

As "scary" as it sounds, Kwork is a big threat to the well- known Free-lance, which has been on the market for more than 15 years . Yes, when Kwork appeared in Runet, many exchanges that provide freelance services suffered. And so today I personally do not see the point in talking about the advantages of other exchanges where it would be so warm and cozy.

P.S. Dear friends, be reasonable. This post has no hidden advertising and is not propaganda. Just a conclusion from personal experience and reviews, as well as the advantages of the service.

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