Instagram is not working today! Why?

Instagram is not working today! Why?

Most of those who do business on the Internet use instagram and today faced with a problem.

With all the complexity of maintaining an account in this social. the network has no choice but to partially simplify its work by semi-automatizing this process. And to help in such cases come all sorts of services with which some create deferred publications for the timely release of new posts, and some send to Direct competently compiled appeals. So, many today are faced with a huge problem that just knocked out of the rut most users of typical services.

Today we want to talk to you about the situation in Instagram. The fact is that since mid-July, programmers Instagram decided to change the algorithm of the system so that students from the 5th grade manage by simple actions to wind themselves as likes, comments and subscribers. That is, Instagram decided to complicate the principle of promotion of accounts, namely, wants organic promotion, that is, that all worked with pens and mind. What is the problem? And in is that those who use services on optimization work with their accounts have become very often receive blockages on the or different action or come often warnings about an attempt hacking account with requirement change parole. Someone has to change the password 3-5 times a week, and someone can not write an answer in the comments or put a heart, and someone has both.

Those who faced such problem for certain will ask "And as now to be, what to do in such situation?". It's very simple, it's worth waiting until this devilry stops in Instagram and programmers of those services that you use will adjust to the new algorithms. I assume that until the end of October 2019, this storm will calm down Instagram.

There is also another problem that many SMM and SEO experts know about. We would even say that it is one and the same person, that is, SMM specialist is a former Eonic which is in the same problem that appears in search engines such as Yandex and Google have decided to change the qualification. So what is this problem that only the "chosen people" know about? The fact that any large Internet company has a self-learning "robot" that all this rules. This robot is trained by loading additional melon (algorithms) into it. When there are too many conditions for a program to perform a single action, something like a failure occurs in the form of a problem of choosing the right solution. The question is brewing "why not just delete the old algorithms from the robot's memory?". You can't, the chain will break and it will be even worse. And here Ionici? The fact is that earlier in Yandex it was also very easy by SEO optimization to bring the site to the TOP and Yandex specialists did not like it and they decided to disable a number of actions to complicate the output of the site to the TOP. Ask "so what does instagram have to do with It?". The fact is that in the near future Instagram will lose some chips, such as the ability to put hearts under posts. Horrified? And all because today it is still possible by cheating the number of likes to raise a Fresh publication in the TOP and because today many who use such services receive a lock on likes. And those who do not like through the services, get blocked in the comments, the ability to publish posts and all because Instagram wants you to work with pens, independently.

To date, there is only one solution. You make posts with your hands, start tracking on the target audience and direct mailing only on the list of subscribers. As soon as more information about the completion of the introduction of new algorithms and normalization of Instagram, we will notify you.

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