Is it worth investing in HYIP projects?

Is it worth investing in HYIP projects?

Why do people invest in HYIP projects if they know that they will close in 3-6 months?

In this article, we want to explain as briefly and clearly as possible why people invest in the so-called pyramids, as well as it will be useful to you, that is, whether you should invest and whether this is a good thing.

Invest in HYIP projects, because they are easier to analyze and predict than real companies that do real business. And no matter how unprofitable these investment projects are, they still give excessively high returns during their short-term life. HYIP in fact is a competent regulation of inflow and outflow and sharply disappear money from the cash register can only if the administrator decided to throw all.

During the existence of our project "First Step", which is a little more than 3 years, we have invested in many projects, both in HYIP and in real companies and the analysis showed that the term of work is about the same, but it is easier to predict the closure of the HYIP project.

Companies that are engaged in real trust management trading on the crypt, Forex or somewhere else they are much more difficult to predict because things they can go at any time both good and bad. First, to predict such companies need to analyze the person and the team that manages it, and secondly to analyze the market itself, which operates the project and other parameters. Here you can rely only on trust, which in turn the company earns over the years.

There is another type of company that can not be attributed to either HYIP or trust companies. We call such companies "Hybrid companies", in other words, it was created 50/50, that is, 50% is involved in trust management, and 50% is a HYIP pyramid, the money is in the accounts and interest is simply paid from them. Such companies are more reliable, since their success depends not only on the good or bad mood of the trader, but also on the competent flow of Finance to the cashier during the whole time and how well the money was protected. Such a company is more resistant to shocks than a company that is 100% engaged in real activities.

In order to invest in a company with real activities, you need first the most detailed information about who is behind it, how is the management of this money and the second important point is in what market this company participates. And if you have access to this information, there is access to their other parameters necessary for analysis, it is possible to invest in such tools for you will be more interesting than in HYIP pyramids.

If you are a good analyst and know how to work with these tools, then you will succeed, if you do not understand this, then such an investment for you is like a game of roulette.

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