Top 5 jobs for freelancers

Top 5 jobs for freelancers

There are a lot of vacancies for an Internet freelancer. Let's talk about the TOP 5 jobs for freelancers from simple to complex in performance.

Copywriter - is a specialist in writing presentation texts. They can be pided into two types - Selling and SEO texts. Selling "force" the reader/visitor of the site to desire a product or service and purchase. SEO texts allow your site to be promoted in search engine results. SEO is an abbreviation of the words search engine optimization and translates as search engine optimization. Commercial texts are usually ordered by those who sell, I allude to a paying audience. But there are copywriters who can put together selling and SEO texts. This text can be sold for $5. for 1000 characters. This is exactly as much text as you have just read to this point. Imagine, you write two such paragraphs and sell the finished result for $10.! And only because this type of work is very loved by freelancers, quickly and profitably.

Translations - translations of texts for money. Imagine and there is such a service. About the same as a copywriter only a person does not write articles, but translates them into the language of the customer. Let's say you find the site "women's magazine" in Ukrainian and all the articles of this site are suitable for your, so you order a translation from Ukrainian into Russian. This service is not expensive, thus convenient for the customer (not expensive) and the contractor (not difficult). Usually for the translation of the text in 5000 characters take $5., that is twice cheaper than for writing.

SMM specialist - people providing services to fill the group in the social network and communicate with those who write in private messages or leave comments under the posts. Surprised that you can get money for it? Imagine every 5 users of any social. SETI has his own group and leads it, and then he gets tired and leaves to fend for himself, and he could lead someone else's group and get paid for it. The crux of the work, publication until three posts in clock, to answer couple of comments and for this obtain from 150 br in day.

Designer - specialist in web design and advertising products (business cards, leaflets, flyers, banners). Quite popular profession of a freelancer. Freelancer services are usually much cheaper than in a design Studio. Logo development in a design Studio costs from $90, a freelancer this service costs from $10 to $50 rubles. and I assure you that a good designer does not necessarily have to work in the company, it is enough for him to show his work on the Internet and the client will find it himself. Now you know where you can get this service cheaper.

Developer programmer - completion and configuration of the site. Sometimes a customer who already has a website, as his business grows, needs improvements, such as: development of a calculator, improvement of the product filter, revision of the mobile version of the site and much more. And again, a freelancer to help you. Definitely cheaper than a web Studio. A freelancer can develop a simple calculator for $27, and a web Studio for at least $35.

P.S. Perhaps you will think that I am inclined to resort to the help of freelancers and forget about web studios. No, it is not, although 70% of web Studio services are more expensive. You decide to become a freelancer or use their services!

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