Earnings on the Internet. Choosing your niche

Earnings on the Internet. Choosing your niche

The Internet allows absolutely everyone to start earning decent money, being anywhere, whether it's your apartment or the ocean, if only there was access to the Internet.

There are complex types of work, and there are those that do not require any of Your participation.
Let's talk today about the types of Internet workers and find out what category you belong to. All those who work on the Internet can be divided into three groups: bloggers, freelancers, investors.
Bloggers – a person who leads a blog on the Internet or, as it was previously called "keeping a diary". Today it can be called electronic diary, Internet diary, online diary. The bloggers themselves can be divided into three types: businessmen (our blog is just this type), telling about their Hobbies and life and celebrities.
Each of these types can earn income from their activities. A businessman usually talks about how to work and points to his examples while luring those who want to join his business for example by buying a franchise from him (approximate earnings from $3 200. for a franchise). A blogger telling about his life, for example about how he plays sports and showing his achievements, awards, titles thereby attracts sports shops to sponsors, naturally advertising in his Instagramtot or another store receives money (approximate earnings from $160. for advertising). Blogger-celebrity-this is the blogger who sells his fame, usually such have their managers, who attract advertisers or discuss their proposals (approximate earnings from $8 000. for advertising).
Freelancers - are free workers. He can be and Builder, and driver and mercenary military, incidentally first time definition of word freelancer meets in novel Walter Scott "Ivanhoe" 1819g. in which he calls so as times the medieval mercenary warrior. Since we are talking about working on the Internet, it is called an Internet freelancer. But at the beginning of 2019 in Russia, such free workers were called self-Employed and only for the sake of these guys to collect taxes on profits. Working as a freelancer is not so difficult and therefore in demand. Enough advantages and disadvantages. The advantages are that your client can be from anywhere in the world, and the downside is that to get clients you need to have a good portfolio and reviews behind you. Jobs for freelancer extensive he can be engaged in writing articles, creating or modifying sites, take pictures, draw pictures from photos and much more. This will be written a separate article, where we will talk about this topic more disclosed.
Investors - are either an organization or a person who is willing to make long-term investments in any business for profit. Usually the investor receives a negotiated part of the income of the business in which he invested. The work of the investor ends here, invested and waiting for profit.

Briefly about us

We are a young company but with a lot of experience gained in the process of active work on the Internet. The experience of our company was built on both positive and negative results, not without it.

To make mistakes does not mean to be stupid, not to use someone else's positive experience and not to avoid the "pit" means to be stupid.

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