Google Adsense

This is an option for those who want to earn more and easier on their blog or websites.

monetize your site correctly

Time spent

5 to 10 minutes per day

Financial investment

from $8 / month

Real income

from $300 / month


Today, absolutely everyone knows Google. The possibilities of this company are limitless and they can be used not only by the owners and managers of the company, but also by you. There is such a service as Google Adsense, which allows you to monetize the site by placing advertising blocks on it. The owner of the site who placed these blocks will receive profit from transitions/clicks on advertising. The click price ranges from .08 cents to . Interesting?


Small Guide

In this course you will get an explanation of how you can monetize your site. We will show you the results of our earnings in the form of numbers. But we put a lot of emphasis on the effectiveness of our scheme of earnings on Adsense, which works without risks for more than two years and therefore in the video we had to shade all sorts of identifying moments so that we are not calculated and blocked the account. For more detailed scheme of earnings on Adsense, please contact our online consultant.

Everything is very simple and clear. Good luck!




Scheme earnings on Adsense

Using Google Adsense service we have developed the best scheme of earnings on monetization of the sites. Passive income has a monthly investment and can bring you from 6 600 rubles. while constantly growing. For those who are more enterprising there is a scheme with employment up to 2 hours a week with an income of 14 200 rubles. per month with a constant increase in profits, which has no framework.


After payment, contact the Manager.
Chat is on the right on the site.

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