ePN - affiliate program

ePN - affiliate program

One of the best partners in our opinion is ePN, which is so cool as if it was created by Chuck Norris himself.

Tell you about aliexpress Think not necessarily, this online store is known to everyone. And many of you not only use it for its intended purpose, but also earn with the help of all kinds of partners. Probably this is the best earnings on the Internet without investments.
EPN or e-Commerce Partners Network literally translates As e-Commerce Partners. E-Commerce is the sale of goods or services over the Internet, and partners in this case are stores, which include AliExpress.
For some reason, many associate ePN only with Aliexpress and earn only on it, and good webmasters are aware that the list of EPN partners includes all well-known and little-known stores both Russian and from the rest of the World. To list all here will not (here is a list), as there are hundreds of them, we will not waste time on it.
What is the essence of work and earnings in this affiliate program? And everything is very simple! You register on ePN as a webmaster, choose for example one of the products on AliExpress, copy the link of this product, through the tools of EPN make this link referral, so to speak your personal, and distribute it in every way. As a result, a person clicks on the link, gets to the page with the goods AliExpress, makes a purchase, while you are credited with a reward of up to 5.6% of the amount of the goods. And here's another thing, if a person left the page to which your link led, while buying a different product, you will still be credited with interest on the sale. A small example, let's say a person bought your "advice-link" phone for 12 000 rubles., you will be credited to the account 672 rubles.
Any store you go to for an iron or coat pays its employees/salespeople exactly the same rate? The so-called piecework wages. In this case, the seller must stand all day in the trading floor, advise, work with the objections of the client and much more. And here the same money, but only sitting at home. Spending 8 hours a day on ePN, that is, full-time, you are guaranteed to earn from $500 per month, but you heard right, the earnings will be in dollars.
One of the important advantages of the EPN affiliate program is the ability to withdraw funds of any amount and at least every 5 minutes. When in typical affiliate programs there is a threshold of the withdrawal amount (from 500 rubles.) and the ability to do it once a week, or even a month at the same time, the application for withdrawal is processed up to 5 working days, when the withdrawal of funds occurs instantly in EPN.
Follow this link and you will get a simplified but effective scheme of earnings on the EPN affiliate program. You choose to work in the store by the consultant of the same product or to earn money sitting at home.
We wish you all good earnings!

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